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Let TVS Aquatic custom build your next filter, whether its cold water, tropical or saltwater we can customize a sump filter for you. If your unsure what a sump filter is? A sump filter is a secondary tank that sits normally under your main tank where it is designed to culture nitrifying bacteria in order to process fish waste and aid in the nitrogen cycle. Why should you go sump? Sumps increase system size (water volume), providing a more stable system, a reduction in flow is rarely seen unlike in canister filters, sumps are controlled by a main pump. The amount of media that a sump can hold is normally far greater that any canister filter usually up to 10 times the amount. Majority of the sumps designed at TVS aquatics incorporate a refugium, which utilises the ability of plants or macro algae (fresh/salt water) to consume and minimise nitrate levels, which in turn can minimise the amount of water changes required on a system reducing overall maintenance and restricting excess nitrates in turn preventing excess algae break outs. Sumps are extremely low maintenance and due to them being glass you can see your filter at work and when certain features need cleaning, providing you with an easy to maintain low cost and effective filter to last you for years to come, no matter what the species you keep. If you would like us to design a custom sump for you, or if you have a design of your own in mind come down and have a chat with us and we can start your new project today!